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Laundry control


The laundry control system developed by Esclatec is specifically designed to identify pieces of garment through a radio-frequency identification system, also known as RFID.

It is a very efficient tool for garment tracking in residential services.

The main goals for creating this system are

  • To provide an unmistakable identification of pieces of garment in laundry processing.
  • To automate the process of identifying and storing garments into a simple, reliable and intuitive system.
  • To offer support technology for the inclusion in the labour market of disabled people, so that they can perform efficiently high-quality jobs.

How does the system work?

A ‘smart tag’ is attached to the garment’s tissue with a thermal applicator. These tags contain information that can be read by a RFID reader and they are resistant to washing and drying cycles, as well as ironing. The reader, which is installed in the lower side of the table, can detect the piece of garment by radio-frequency identification at a distance of approximately 30cm. Unlike a bar code, the tag does not have to be visible.

The software specifically designed for this application controls the information by means of a very simple interface.

After reading the tag in the garment, the software shows in the screen the searching results of the database and sends the information regarding the placement of the piece of garment to the control board located in the shelf.

The control board will turn on the light in the section where the piece of garment is to be stored. Communication between the computer and the shelf is made by radio-frequency signals. Therefore, the process of installing and placing the hardware is much simpler.

Mouse or touch screen enables access to the computer and the software screens.


Is Laundry Control System appropiate for industrial laundry, hotels or hospitals?
Laundry Control System has been devised for residences for the elderly or for disable people. Every garment is provided by a tag that contains personal information of the owner/user. We think our system is not appropriate for Hotels or Hospitals because the users change constantly.

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