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  • Esclatec
  • R&D&I Department
  • Corporate Services
  • Assembling Electronic Devices


Esclatec is a referral Special Employment Centre for the inclusion in the labour market of seriously disabled people. The range of products and fields covered and the centre’s workers make of Esclatec a singular centre.


R&D&I Department

Esclatec’s Department of Research, Development and Innovation is willing to collaborate in creating and enhancing products in the field of assistive technology and electronics in general. Our R&D&I Department can solve any of your company’s difficulties regarding development in electronics and engine control.


Corporate Services

Esclatec has a department specialised in fulfilling works in electronics and mechanics for other companies. We have the necessary equipment and ability to adapt to carry out high-quality jobs. We are currently working in electric panel boards, wiring, assembling bicycles, adjusting bicycle spokes and balancing bicycle wheels, among other works.


For many years, Esclatec’s section for assembling electronic devices works at the service of different companies that partially outsource manufacturing, such as MES Engineered Solutions, Bicing and Ecobike. We are specialised in assembling electric panel boards, electronic boards, and all types of wiring.